We offer

Courses for beginners
(children, adults and also seniors)

Lessons for advanced riders

Rides in summer and also in winter
(outside riding in summer and winter riding in riding hall)

Holiday riding courses
and riding camps


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Kone a my trochu inak... (Open gallery)
Pretekáme ďalej... (Open gallery)
Tábor (Open gallery)
Jazdecké skúšky (Open gallery)
Jar (Open gallery)
Leto (Open gallery)
Jeseň (Open gallery)
Zima (Open gallery)
Kone očami detí (Open gallery)


Contact details

Jaroslav Petro Jazdecká škola Kráľovce
044 44 Kráľovce

Contact: Tatiana Petrová

Phone: +421 908 328 149
E-mail:  info@jskralovce.sk


Map (how you will get to us)