We offer

Courses for beginners
(children, adults and also seniors)

Lessons for advanced riders

Rides in summer and also in winter
(outside riding in summer and winter riding in riding hall)

Holiday riding courses
and riding camps


Horse riding school Kráľovce


Horse riding school Kráľovce offers You variety of riding courses with professional instructors. Depending on your riding skills, we will do our best to arrange your riding schedule.

We offer you riding courses and individual lessons as well. Better riders also have opportunity to go and ride in the country with our instructors.

We will prepare your horses for riding and also for rinding competitions.In case you have indocile, or unmanageable horses, we will work on special training program, which will lead to correcting this behavior. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do not forget that you need to arrange all your riding lessons telefonically.


Contact details

Jaroslav Petro Jazdecká škola Kráľovce
044 44 Kráľovce

Contact: Tatiana Petrová

Phone: +421 908 328 149
E-mail:  info@jskralovce.sk


Map (how you will get to us)